Noonoo TV Alternative Free TV Site

Noonoo TV Alternative Free TV Site

Noonoo TV Alternative Free TV Site

Noonoo TV Alternative Free TV Site

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Noonoo TV Alternative Free TV site related News

The controversy over copyright infringement of broadcast content punctuated by Noonoo TV is spreading to OTT-enabled web hard services.

Unlike other web hard services, A company that is an alternative site to Noonoo TV is actively promoting’OTT’.

There is also an emphasis on the fee of 8800 won per month.

A The company is in the position that it is not an illegal site. The company told the media today “ ” We do not upload content directly

We are informed that we are working on 24-hour technical protection measures to prevent the dissemination of harmful content by users.”

“Broadcasters and end-of-life channels, as well as other copyright companies(producers, distributors, distributors, etc.) and content distribution

We have signed a drug and operate the service.”

As a result of signing up with A company, Terrestrial, comprehensive channel, and CJENM content were affiliated and charged separately.

However,because users can post content, illegal content is also mixed.

Subscribe to this site and search for Netflix exclusive content such as “Douglory” and “Gil Bok-soon” and Wave exclusive content such as “Bloody Game 2”

Content could be found.

When you access the popular video ranking screen, ‘Gil Bok-soon’,’ Blood game’, etc. are at the top, so many users watch it

can be seen. It is strictly illegal content, but it has not been sanctioned.

A number of illegal videos have also been posted on other webhards. B, C As a result of connecting to the web hard service, as A company

You could find exclusive films such as Netflix and Waave.

Broadcasters such as terrestrial and terrestrial have copyright partnerships and have applied filtering, while OTT companies do not have partnerships

Related uploads are following.

Overflowing Noonoo TV Alternative Free TV site

There is also a problem that Noonoo TV alternative sites continue to operate guts in the corrective requirements(blocking) measures of the Broadcasting and Communication Review Committee.

A service and B service, which are similar sites to Noonoo TV, can be accessed as of the 8th. Web pages that guide these services

When you access it, the phrase “Beyond the second Noonoo TV spot” appears.

In particular, the B service has recently decided to block the broadcast Communication review committee,

but it appears to operate an alternative site.

“We are actively taking action, but we can realistically create an alternative site at any time, ”

said an official at the Ministry of Defense in this regard.

There are difficulties.” Noonoo TV has also continuously created alternative sites for 20 corrective requests.

Noonoo TV Alternative Free TV Site Status

Political parties are discussing alternatives.

“Room at the Capitol in Yeouido, Seoul, on the 8th, hosted by Senator Byung Jae-il and Kim Yoon-duk of the Democratic Party

A discussion was held to explore measures to improve policies and systems to prevent illegal distribution of shipping goods and protect copyright.

In the meantime, the need for overseas investigation cooperation, active deliberation,

and the regulation of telecommunications companies were discussed, and the “Advertising Regulation” was discussed at the discussion on this day.

It was heavily discussed. Noonoo TV made a profit by placing ads on illegal gambling sites.

“Ad delivery and the resulting ad revenue are maintained by illegal streaming companies, ”

said Sejong, a lawyer at Kim Woo-kyun Law firm who was responsible for the proposal.

The ultimate cause of the increase is that advertisers and advertising platforms pay advertising fees to illegal sites.

It was said that it could be’.

“Noonoo TV had four illegal banner ads, and 10 million won per month per banner, ”

said Kim Jang-ho, director of the Broadcasting Promotion Plan and team of the Ministry of Gwagi Jung-tong.

”Noonoo TV is believed to have raised revenue because of the increase in users due to the termination of the service. “

I knew. It is important to block revenue.”

In March, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism established a Bumbu Consultative Body to eradicate illegal distribution of K-content.

The consultative body investigates and crackdowns on copyright infringement, blocks access to piracy sites, responds to overseas copyright infringement, and recognizes content users

We will announce a comprehensive measure in June to discuss improvements.

Noonoo TV Alternative Free TV site Crackdown Status

In the meantime, the Broadcasting and Communication Review Committee has responded by blocking URLs(Internet addresses),

but Noonoo TV alternative sites have a number behind them

We have maintained the service in a way that changes the domain from time to time.

In the end, broadcasters, producers and distributors, OTT platforms, and the Korean Film and Video Copyright Association, the world’s largest piracy response organization

ACE (Alliance for Creative and Entertainment) and others formed(February 2) the’Video Rights Protection Council’

On March 9th, Noonoo TV was criminally charged, and on March 16th,

the Busan Police Department Cyber Crime Investigation Unit launched a related investigation.

ACE is a professional copyright protection organization consisting of more than 50 major copyright companies around the world,

responding to various global copyright infringements.

In the face of the situation where a full-scale investigation will be launched with public opinion blamed on this,

Noonoo TV eventually announced that on March 23, Wave, TV, and Kupang Play,

Watcha announced that it will delete all videos related to the Domestic OTT·original series, including the season, as of April 14

The service has been terminated.

“Even if you decide to block web address(URL) access to illegal sites abroad, you can use a virtual private network(VPN), ” Ahn said

Without exposing the IP of your smartphone location, it is difficult to track the domain owner information by obscuring it.”

“In particular, because they bypass access blocking through content transmission network operators(CDNs), the Information and Communication Network Act Amendment

If an Internet service provider(ISP), as well as a CDN operator of a certain size or more, installs a cache server in the country,

It should be mandated to take technical measures to block access.”

The relevant bill was submitted by Democratic Party member Byung Jae-il.

Noonoo TV Alternative Free TV Site Related Legislation

“The Supreme Court said that as long as the infringing post is not deleted from the server and continues to be a repeated violation of copyright law, ” Chief Ahn said

”We have determined that the sharing of links is also aiding in crime, “said Noonoo TV alternative sites.

Punishable by operating a link site, or providing pirated links to members of the public, even if they know they are

Revision of the copyright law of the direction is also necessary.” The bill was proposed by Senator Do Jong-hwan.

“If you want to speed up vigilant screening of illegal content distribution sites, you need to review electronic documents for rapid action, ” Ahn said.

“The relevant Bangtongwi installation law has been proposed by Senator Seung-rae Cho, etc.”

It was said.

He said, ” In addition to blocking URL access to minimize damage to Noonoo TV alternative sites, portal site search terms and associated search terms

For blocking and alternative sites, it is necessary to establish a fast track regulation that blocks them immediately without deliberation””

Sufficient discussion with the Vigilance Committee, the Police Department, the Korea Copyright Protection Agency, the Portal Service Operator, the Korea Internet Autonomy Policy Organization(KISO), etc.

It will have to go through.”

“Domestic crackdown agencies such as the Vigilance Commission and the Police Department are leading overseas companies and related agencies to respond to illegal information distribution abroad

”We need to strengthen our cooperation system with the agency, “he said, ”

Especially in relation to digital sex crime information since the last N Bunbang incident.

It is illegal abroad to the extent that it has strengthened the ring, established effective international cooperation measures, and promoted severe penalties

For the site, there is a need to establish a strong cooperation system with international organizations, related institutions, judicial institutions, etc.,”he said.

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